Outdoor Environments

These two images were my attempt to make outdoor environments in two distinct art styles. The first was done in Vue Esprit and strives for realism. The second was done in Autodesk Maya and is more minimalistic.

Mounted Elk Head

Modeled in Autodesk Maya, this includes a UV layout and texture map.

Ship Scene

This ship was modeled in Autodesk Maya and has served as an environment for my Pirate character. More props for this can be seen in my PIRATE'S COVE project.

Wood Elf Character

This character was modeled in Autodesk Maya and includes a UV layout, texture map, and alpha map.

Pirate Character

This is my most developed character modeled in Autodesk Maya. In addition to having UV and texture maps, he is fully rigged and utilizes Blendshapes for facial expressions

House Interior (WIP)

This scene is a work in progress in which I aim to develop my skills in lighting and create a story through the arrangement of clutter within the room.